When the “Pause” button was pressed on most businesses in March, many of us wondered what life would be like when we returned. Many business owners were grateful for the break, many took it as an opportunity to reflect on their business, what they were doing well and what they need to improve.

Many business owners made the commitment to make positive changes in their business and in most cases, it was about how the business was being managed and led.

As a coach, we have used the time to work with clients on improving the systems in the business and more importantly, getting clarity about what the business stands for and what they want from the business and the team.

The process is simple but it not necessarily easy. It works like this:

  • What is your vision for the Business – how would you like the business to look in 20 years, how would you like your business to be regarded in 20 years, what would you like to hear said about your business in 20 years?
  • What’s the mission of the business – i.e what steps to you need to take in order to deliver on the vision – what must you always do and what must you never do?
  • What culture would you like to develop in the business – these are the basic everyday rules that your business should live by – this is critical. Its often missing in a business (a written one anyway). When it is missing, the rules are what the business owner makes up on the day depending on how they are feeling, or based on a decision that a manager makes just because they had a bad experience the previous day. Without a defined culture, your business will oscillate, and you will fail to get the most from the team?
  • What are the short- and long-term goals for the business?
  • What are the individual roles and responsibilities within the business to ensure that the goals are delivered, working with the guidance of the business culture, following the mission of the business?

This all sounds and can sometimes feel a bit far removed from the cut and thrust of the business. It is. But its also a plan and a roadmap. Keep it in mind and you will arrive at your destination. Lose it or ignore it – then how will you ever get to where you want to go and who will follow you if you have no plan.

We all had time in covid lockdown to do this process. How we implement will be evident in the days and weeks to come.

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