In our experience of working with hundreds of business owners every year we have observed that one of the reasons people are not able to implement their plans is that they try to climb a mountain in one leap. Not only is this impossible to accomplish but it leaves a trail of abandoned plans,  being overwhelmed as well as bringing people to the brink of burn out.

Successful planning is no different to mountain climbing. You set your goal and achieve it one step at a time.  The key to achieving your goals consistently is to break each step down to smaller, actionable tasks.

The Default Diary

A “Default Diary” is a plan of specific times in your week that are dedicated to important activities. It’s a plan of what you will do by default. You can look upon it as a plan for what you would ideally do when your week goes according to plan.

Here’s how to set up an effective Default Diary:

  1.  Make A List Of Your Priorities.
  2.  Schedule Your Next Week Every Friday.
  3.  Break Your Week Into 1 Hr Segments.
  4.  Leave enough unplanned time to allow a healthy level of flexibility.
  5.  Use a general description and try to do something new under that heading each week eg: Update Business Plan.

Click here to download default diary template

Default Diary Template

By breaking your week into one hour segments and developing a ‘Default Diary’, this forces you to spend your entire week proactively rather than reacting blindly to whatever comes along first. It automatically makes sure that the important stuff gets done, not just the urgent stuff.

Remember the only way you can conquer a mountain is one step at a time. Make sure you create your Default Diary before your next week kicks off. 

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