What do all great brands have in common?

Great brands tell an amazing story in a unifying statement. As a result customers get everything they need to know in order to commit to the brand. When a customer hears your brand statement, they should know exactly what your brand will do for them.

A well crafted brand statement makes a major impact on the minds of your target customer.  You need one statement which says it all.  This is something Apple are masters of.  When Steve Jobs announced the ipod the message the message was unmistakably clear, the iPod was  “a hundred songs in your pocket”. The rest is history.

Your brand statement is a headline for your business; it will attract the attention of everybody that reads it, arouse their curiosity, and ultimately compel them to try out your brand to see for themselves.

To be effective your brand statement should:

  • Have an emotional impact while sharing the valuable service your brand will bring to the consumer.
  • Consist of a snappy sentence designed for maximum impact.
  • Be brief to ensure clarity.
  • Highlight the unique service you aim to provide to the target market.

One sentence that reflects an interesting brand story will win the interest of potential customers. With the right execution and follow up, you can become the most important brand in the market to these people. Remember, lifelong loyalty begins with a single sentence. What story is your brand statement telling your customers?


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