To illustrate how important vision, mission and culture are in a business… I’d like to tell you a story. 

I’ve decided that I’d like to take up rowing as I’ve always fancied getting out on the water so I head to lour local rowing club and ask to start. The manger says that I must be here at 6am and practice for 2 hours every day, Monday to Friday – no exceptions. I think to myself that it seems a little too much for me as I’d just like to do some rowing. So I say thanks very much and say it’s too much for me and turn on my heels. 

However, I still would like to get out on the water and there’s a nagging inside me that makes me decide to try another rowing club slightly further out. I pop in a few days later and ask to see the manager. I meet him and he’s interested in why I want to row and seems very knowledgeable about it all. After a deep discussion, he asks me if I’d ever thought of going to the Olympics. I pause – the Olympics – I thought about it as a boy and I’m intrigued. “Yes, I said, I’d be very interested.”

“Great,” he says. “We have a 5 man team of Olympic hopefuls who are now down to 4 due to a team member having to pull out. There’s space on the team but there’s a catch. I must be here at 6am and practice for 2 hours every day Monday to Friday – no exceptions.”

He asks, “Can I do that?” I pause momentarily and answer “Of course, when can I start?”

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