One of the strategies that we encourage all clients to adopt is to follow up with prospects, leads and customers. In the main there is a reluctance to pick up the phone once they have issued a plan or proposal or quote. They are effectively handing control of the process to the prospect.

The lockdown period changed that. Clients and customers and prospects have been far more receptive during this period, primarily because they had more time to reflect, plan and think about their business.

In the main, the responses have been positive, the conversations have gone on for longer and relationships have been formed and firmed up.

We encourage the following:

  1. Make sure that you have all your leads and prospects in one place with contact details, quote details and expected close date
  2. Pick up the phone and make the call but ensure that you have a purpose. i.e you are not ringing up to see if they had a chance to think about the proposal – you are ringing to see where they are at in their business and you want to schedule a time to discuss your proposal in more detail to iron out any issues they may have.
  3. If they do not answer the call, we need to have a follow up message, text, voice mail or email and this needs to be energised, focused and to the point.
  4. If there is still no response for the client or prospect after a few days – make another call and give them some time options to speak to you.

Obviously we do not want to be a pest – we are doing this for their benefit but we are also doing it for our own benefit – to see what our own pipeline is like, to get a reality check on the health of our business. This will help to determine the type of work and the level of activity that we need to do to get their own business back on track.

We want all client to have a very clear picture of where their business is at, at any item. That’s part of our coaching process at ActionCOACH

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